Pawnee Creek reflects Kimberly Creek Retreats Rich Heritage

Pawnee Creek runs through Kimberly Creek Retreat and is a direct link back to its ancient roots as a gathering place. The high bluff on the west side of the creek was a favorite "retreat center" of early Native Americans.


The "Grotto" served as a secluded campfire site on the native limestone bluff. It remains as one of the most serene, natural picnic sites found at KCR today.


While gazing up at the stars through the trees one can vividly imagine the "ancient ones" as they gathered with their families and friends around their campfires in this special place on the hillside! Make sure to check out the Grotto during your next stay!

The Legend of "Dynamite Pete"

"Dynamite Pete" is one of the most infamous characters that had a hand in shaping the character of Kimberly Creek Retreat.


Legend has it that Pete lived in a cave in the surrounding hills. He occasionally worked as a "power monkey" blasting rock in what now is Quarry Oaks. He was happiest playing his 200 year old violin wandering the hills.


Local folklore says that he earned his nickname Dynamite at the time he lit a stick in the bar to scare away the railroaders. After they bailed out of the bar he snuffed out the fuse so he could finish all their beers. 

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