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30010 Kimberly Drive

Ashland, NE 68003

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TEL: (531) 500-8001

EMAIL: kimberlycreekretreat@gmail.com

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Glamping = luxury camping in nature


The one thing you will not find at Kimberly Creek Retreat is WiFi.  We believe that glamping should be a time and place where you can unplug and relax.  If you must connect, you can use your cell phone anywhere on the property.


At Kimberly Creek Retreat we eliminated tents.  We literally offer you the luxury of a private hotel cabin in the middle of our woods.  Our motto is that all you need to bring are some clothes, your toothbrush and an attitude of experiencing all the fun Mother Nature has to offer.


To help you prepare for your Glamping adventure, we offer the following tips and recommendations.


We provide

At Kimberly Creek Retreat you'll find most of the amenities of an extended stay hotel, plus some extras to enhance your glamping experience.  In your private cabin you will find:

  • Air conditioning and heating for year round comfort.

  • Sheets & pillows on your bed. Blankets during the cool months.

  • Freshly laundered bath towels.

  • Bathroom inside your cabin with flushing toilet, hot shower, shampoo, conditioner, soap, and hair dryers.

  • Based on your cabin selection you will have a mini-fridge, microwave, toaster, toaster oven, & coffee pot.

  • Silverware, plates, cups, pots/pans, kitchen utensils, grilling utensils.

  • All cabins come with their own cooking grill and firepit. Larger firepits for groups are available to rent for an additional cost.

  • We provide power outlets with USB charging ports in each cabin.

  • Snacks (s'mores!), beverages, sunscreen, bug spray, are available for purchase.


Even in the warmer months the temperature can drop in the evening so be sure to bring warmer clothes than you think you'll need! 

  • Casual clothing for hanging around the glamp-ground and exploring town and nearby attractions.

  • Trail-friendly clothing for hikes and outdoor adventures.

  • Evening wear for a nice meal at a restaurant or vineyard visit.

  • Swimwear and a beach towel if you plan to visit a lake or swimming pool. (Both Mahoney and Platte River State Parks have swimming).


  • Base layer (a.k.a. leggings/long johns “Under Armour”) top and bottom for hiking, lounging, layering or wearing as pajamas.

  • Raincoat or shell jacket to keep out wind and rain, as a light layer for chilly evenings, or added warmth over bulkier sweaters or fleece.

  • Fleece, insulated jacket or vest for added warmth or layering under a raincoat or shell.

  • Sweatshirt or sweater for cozy, casual warmth and layering.

Shoes & accessories

  • Trail shoes: depending on the forecast or what activities you have planned, you could bring hiking shoes, rain boots, or sneakers. Bottom line: something you can walk in and don't mind getting muddy.

  • Bring Slippers or thick, warm socks for inside your cabin. To keep your cabin clean, remove your trail shoes and put them on boot trays provided. 

  • Casual shoes for town visits, wearing around camp or out to dinner.

  • Sun hat or ball hat to protect you from harmful rays.

  • Winter hat or stocking hat for cooler months.

  • Scarf or pashmina for warmth or a layering piece.


  • Daypack for stashing extra layers, a water bottle and snacks while on the trail, touring wineries or exploring the town and other activities.

  • Water bottle to stay hydrated during your glamping adventures.

  • Cooler for keeping your beverages cold when not in your cabin.

  • Flashlight for emergencies and exploring at night.

  • Toiletries, sunscreen and bug repellent spray. Some toiletries are provided (see above), however make sure you do not forget your sprays, band aids, ointments, etc.

Personal entertainment 

  • Books you've been wanting time to savor.

  • Journal to document your stay and foraging finds.

  • Puzzles, board games, cards and other activities for unplugged fun.

  • Phone, camera and chargers, so you can stay connected (but not too connected!) and capture your glamping experience.

Food & Drink

  • Bring your own food and drinks.  You will have a mini-frig in your cabin, but space is limited.

  • Area restaurants and cafes are minutes away.  Round the Bend and Parker’s Smokehouse offer take-out orders.

  • Kimberly Creek Retreat offers a variety of snacks, drinks and meals available for purchase onsite and our menu will continue to expand:

    • Water & soft drinks (liquor license pending)

    • Variety of snacks, candy, trail mix, popcorn, etc.

    • Complete grill meals – Steaks, hamburgers, hot dogs, sides

    • Picnics and meals made to order …

    • ‚Äč

Contact us ahead of time and we can have what you want waiting for you in your mini-fridge, or we can deliver it to your cabin when you want it.


Don’t be shy! … Let us know what we can do to make your stay an experience!

Candlelight dinners under the stars are only a phone call away:

(531) 500 - 8001