Frequently asked questions

What is your payment policy?

To secure your booking, payment for your entire stay is required at the time of booking. If you are sharing accommodations with someone, it is possible to split the payment, but you will need to call Kimberly Creek Retreat to make arrangements: 531 500 8001. Any other charges for any additional items used at the property will be made at the time of purchase or upon check-out.

What is your cancelation & refund policy?

If you or someone in your party feels ill, or is concerned about having been exposed to COVID-19 virus, please call us at 531 500 8001. We will work through rescheduling, moving to a "gift certificate" or other alternatives. Our first preference on any cancellation date is to reschedule your stay at a later date, or to move your reservation to "gift certificate" status which you can apply toward available future dates. Gift certificates are good for 1 year from the date of issue. Refund Policy:

  • 100% refund with 2 weeks notice
  • 50% refund with 72 notice
  • 0% refund if less than 72 hour notice
Any time a booking is canceled by Kimberly Creek Retreat due to unforeseen circumstances, we will give you the choice of rescheduling or a full refund.

Can I smoke at KCR?

There is absolutely NO smoking permitted anywhere on Kimberly Creek Retreat property. We are located in a cedar forest which is highly flammable. There will be a $250 smoking fee charged if a guest smokes in a cabin or inside any structure at KCR. Any guest that smokes anywhere outside is liable for any and all damages caused by their smoking.

Where do I park?

There are designated parking areas on site in front of every cabin. Our larger cabins have space for two vehicles near the cabin door. The KCR manager coordinating your check in will show you where to park. We also have additional parking near the entrance to KCR, if there is more than one car for the parties registered at your cabin. Parking on or along Kimberly Drive, the gravel road on our property is not allowed under any circumstance at any time. The gravel roads must be kept clear at all times for emergency and service vehicles.

What about cooking equipment and utensils?

Kimberly Creek Retreat offers a host of cooking amenities in each cabin. Inside, there is a microwave, toaster oven, coffee pot and toaster. There are also cookware containers, dishes, glasses, cups and flatware. So most glampers generally do not bring any cooking equipment for inside. Some bring their own crockpot/instapot for convenience. Every cabin is provided with a gas propane grill, cooking utensils and grill mat. So there is no need to bring your own outdoor grilling equipment. Each cabin is equipped with a private propane fire pit. These are fine for making s'mores or cooking hot dogs. Please bring your own forks or sticks to roast your marshmellows if you're making s'mores.

Can I bring my pet?

Due to the fragile nature of the liners, NO PETS are allowed in the Queen & King Geo-domes. Any pets staying in an approved (wood) glamping cabin need to be declared on the reservation, or at least 3 days before arrival. Pets are allowed in all of the wood cabins, but must be kept on a leash outside. To cover the additional cabin cleaning inside, there is a $70 one-time fee for pet(s) staying in a cabin. Guests are responsible for picking up after their pet(s) outside. If guests do not pick up pet droppings outside, there will be an additional charge. Pets may not be left unattended in the cabins. Any repair for damage to cabins or extra cleaning related to pets will be billed to the customer’s card on file when booking the cabin reservation.

What if there is severe weather?

Managers will frequently check the property and weather conditions to ensure security and safety of all Glampers. If you have any concerns, discuss with your check in manager. At check-in, you will be given instructions on procedures and where to take shelter in case of severe weather. You will also have a phone number where you can reach a manager at all times during your stay.

How do I check-in / check-out

Our normal process is to text your cell phone the day of check in. We will establish your estimated time of arrival and meet you at the gate to direct you to your cabin. Once you have settled in your cabin, we will brief on the amenities, campfires and safety procedures. Lodging is normally available for check-in from 3pm until 8pm. Late arrivals (after 8pm) must be arranged in advance. Check-out time is 11am. Late checkout might be possible if no one is using your cabin the following night. All housekeeping and maintenance is done from 11am-3pm. Please plan your arrival and departure accordingly. Please store your perishable food items properly in your cabin or car. We have critters that love to get into food left outside. KCR cabins have limited refrigerator space. To check out, please call or text you KCR manager when you have left your cabin. Leave your key on the hook by the door or on a table when you depart.

What if I have a large group?

During the current coronavirus period, group activities and events are limited to 10 people or less in our group areas. We are currently in our early stages of KCR and have 7 cabins available that will accommodate approximately 32 Glampers. We will do our best to accommodate group bookings. There is a cabin site map under the Glamping Lodging tab on this web site. Our fire pit/picnic area such as The Grotto can accommodate groups up to 40 people. You can book these areas on a day/night use basis when the Nebraska coronavirus guidelines permit social gatherings. Please contact us at (531) 500-8001 for more information about group bookings.

What if I have an issue or a question while I am there?

If you have any problems with your accommodations during your stay, please advise us as soon as possible as we would like the opportunity to resolve it. Please call or text the KCR manager who checked you in. There also contact numbers on the information sheet in your cabin. Please let us know about any damage, breakage, or maintenance issues that you come across. We take all comments from our guests seriously. You can contact us by telephone or email and we will respond. .

What if there is severe weather?

Managers will be frequently monitor the property and weather conditions. If there are significant winds, they will advise you on whether fires are possible. At check-in, you will be given instructions and procedures on where to take shelter in case of severe weather. You will also have a phone number where you can reach a manager at all times during your stay.

Traveling to KCR

Your GPS or map app should guide you to our address: 30010 Kimberly Dr. Ashland, NE. To reach Kimberly Creek Retreat will require traveling on about 1 1/2 miles of gravel road. We suggest to drive slowly, follow all posted speed limits and stay away from the edges of the road. There are hills and vision can be slightly impaired due to dust. We advise additional caution when the road is wet. Please carefully observe and obey all traffic signs along the road.

KCR Code of Conduct

A guest must be 18 or older to rent a cabin. We expect all of our guests to respect and look after the site and the cabin that you are staying in. We also require you to respect your fellow guests and keep noise levels to a minimum after 11pm. We have a noise curfew between 11pm and 7am. Parents are responsible for their children, and children must be supervised at all times. Kimberly Creek Retreat reserves the right to enter and inspect the cabins at any time. Should the cabin be left in an unsatisfactory condition, or damaged in any way, we reserve the right to charge the costs of repairs to the payment method used at booking. Kimberly Creek Retreat has clearly marked the boundaries on the property and no guest is allowed to cross these boundaries. The adjacent land is not owned by us and trespassers can be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

KCR Liability

We accept no responsibility for any loss or damage that may occur to your car or associated property while on Kimberly Creek Retreat property. Kimberly Creek Retreat does its best to keep the property in a native wildlife state. There are woods, uneven surfaces, cliffs, drops, etc throughout the property. Poison Ivy and Poison Oak may be present in areas, please stay on the trails. You are entering and staying at this property at your own risk and KCR is to be held harmless to any injuries and death.

Policy on Firepits - Propane fire pit provided - NO Wood fires

Due to the inherent fire risk of our cedar forest, local authorities have requested no open wood fire pits. Do NOT bring wood with you. If you have already purchased the previous firewood option, we will refund that to you or apply it toward additional items purchased. Campfires are such a central part of the Glamping experience we want to make it safe, fun and easy. We are taking an "all inclusive" approach and providing each glamping unit with a private propane fire pit complete with propane fuel. They are safe and easy to light. You will have a full propane bottle replacement at your cabin. If you use more than that over the course of your stay, you have the option to purchase another full propane tank for $20 which can be added to your reservation. From time to time there may be group fires in The Grotto. Those are only permitted with KCR Management supervision.

What are your hours?

Currently we do not have a lodge or building managing check-ins. We coordinate at check-ins in advance by phone/text and meet Glampers at our gate so we can escort them to their cabin and show them around. Phone Hours are 8am to 8pm seven days a week except for holidays.

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